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As a certified broker, I know firsthand how overwhelming it can be to deal with mortgages.  But it doesn’t have to be.  Dolphin Mortgage Corporation will do all the heavy lifting for you.  We shop hundreds of lenders who compete for your business to find you the most competitive rates.  Working with multiple lenders also allows you the most financing options for your unique situation.  Once all of your options have been analyzed, we explain them in clear and easy terms so you can make a smart and informed decision. 

Fast, fluid, and financially efficient.  Dolphin Mortgage Corporation is a better way to do mortgage.  Click the Get In Touch button below so we can find the best loan for you. 


Finding you the Best Rate

Gone are the days of walking into multiple banks, completing numerous applications, and hoping you will be approved for the right loan, all at a competitive rate.  Today, banks are at a tremendous risk originating their own loans which leads to a higher rate for you.  It is also a painfully inefficient process employing dozens of departments with unnecessary levels of management and long delays.  It is far easier to have your loan already pre-approved by an experienced and unbiased professional who knows the industry.  Dolphin Mortgage Corporation can handle everything in one easy process.  We will shop your loan and review your eligibility so you don't have to.  Lenders will often provide us with preferential pricing as well for bringing a packaged loan to them. 


For myself, there is no higher satisfaction than having a frustrated client come to me and realize they can get a superior loan with less fees and a lower payment.  Whether it's buying your dream home, lowering your mortgage payment, or taking cash out, Dolphin Mortgage Corporation is dominant in offering you the very best terms.

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Key in the Lock
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Get The Best Deal

Your rate and loan payment can be calculated in minutes.  With our lighting fast pricing engine we can compare hundreds of of different lenders and find their best rate and terms immediately.  All without haggling or hidden fees. 

Seems to good to be true?  Try us.  Send your best offer and allow Dolphin Mortgage Corporation to beat it. 

Access to Every Loan Product

Going to one bank or lender limits you to only their select loan products.  If they do not have a product that meets your financial situation you may have just lost time, money, and the accepted offer on your new home.  Save yourself the wild goose chase and work with Dolphin Mortgage Corporation and our network of hundreds of lenders to find every option possible, all in one shot. 

Clear and Simple

PMI, APR, FNMA or FHLMC, negative amortization, LTV, silent seconds , Debt-to-Income ratios... hello?  Still there? 

We get it.  Mortgages are complicated.  But they also might be the largest financial investment of your life so you want to be informed.  This is where having a 17 year experienced professional makes all the difference.  Our owner Mark has successfully guided thousands of clients with a patient, clear, and simple approach. 


The Word on the Street

Mark and his team helped us with a very complicated refinance on an investment property when several other lenders simply gave up.  Not only was he able to get the deal done but he got us the best rate and did it in a timely manner.  I would highly recommend working with him and his great team!

Dr. Bobby Davari

Dolphin Mortgage Corporation and Mark Burns exemplify exactly what you are looking for in a mortgage broker.  It's an arduous process that can be daunting for first time homeowners and investors alike.  Mark is there every step of the way and makes sure you are getting the best market rate.

- Michael Kurland

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